9 Common Questions Answered When Using HTML5

In this article you will read  9 top questions regarding HTML5 asked by programmers on various platforms. The answers provided in this article are given by community members and do not represent us. This article will help programmers to improve their coding skills and learn to resolve the issues while coding in HTML5.

These are the following questions.
Question No. 1
A user wants to scrap the value of input box from URL but facing issues to implement this.
Scrapped page appeared as

And he is using this code to achieve this

He got this output.

The code is unable to find to anything which match the selector in the document.
The selector which begins with one slash means absolute path of root. Please use two slashes at the start of selector to select all matching elements and list the classes in PHP with property called length. Check that instead


Question No. 2
A user wants to rebuild his old website and working in HTML5, CS3. But unable to highlight the text or open links in pages. He has used this HTML code.

And this CSS code.

You are using in code div.title which is position: fixed that is why it is floating over your links and not receives click event or hover from mouse. Please remove it and try this


Question No. 3
A user has made the Canvas and he has tried to write the text but its displaying. He applied this code


Please include jQuery core script before and use jQuery function to add the attribute rather than using string. See the code below


Question No 4:
A user has used this HTML5 code with JavaScript but it’s not worked for him. He also used other various browsers but failed to achieve.

Misspelling canvassuppport is the problem in your code. Please load up JavaScript error console to check the errors and what is printing there.

Question No. 5
A user has used the following HTML5 code to show paragraph under navigation bar.

In CSS he used this code

Paragraph is displaying under navigation but the body tags at the top has messed up.
Please use this code to avoid tags mess up.


Question No. 6
A user wants to change the active anchor to default anchor attribute when user clicks. But he is facing issue with his scripts if there are two similar scripts.
He has used this html code.

And targeted HTML is

Please wrap all into document.ready()


Question No. 7
A user wants to line up the images in a table but facing table spacing issues in HTML5. His code is generating extra space at the bottom of cells. He has used this HTML5 code

You image is displaying inline-block by default and height is calculated as per font size. You can fix it by two ways.
a) You can display image as a block element.
Change the property from display to block and use this code.

b) Explicitly note
Change the font-size to 0 and use this code to do this.


Question No 8
A user is new to python and facing formatting issue while coding. He write a code that confluence and posts content but confluence is only reading HTML5 code. He outlined the HTML5 code and he want to prepend these tags header1 header 2 header3 header4 header 5 10 15 20 27 to/path/foo.c 7 67 10 22 to/path/boo.c …etc without using external module/library.
He has used below HTML5 code.

His desired table format

Please use this code.

Code for header and rows

Remember this code depends on separator being very consistent. Use string <br \> between each row and exact space between columns.
Question No. 9
A user is using PHP to read .xsl and .xml file on his server. He gets following error when he runs HTML 5 code with the help of W3C Markup Validation Service.

He has used this PHP code.


Please use this code at the top level in XSLT style sheet.
<xsl:output omit-xml-declaration=”yes”/>

Or this

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