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CCNA - A Must Have Certification


isco training is quickly becoming a popular trend for entry level network jobs as it increases basic knowledge and employee worth. At RepoCert, we offer you online courses to train yourself in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching. It is a certified program which instructs in operating and troubleshooting LAN, WLAN and dial access devices and networks.

Basic objectives of CCNA

  • Educating on the basics of routing, switching and advanced tech operations
  • Network terminologies and jargons are explained
  • Trainees are educated on basic concepts, troubleshoot protocols and network language
  • Practical application of knowledge in real life scenarios
  • Proper utilization of multimedia tools such as games, networks and softwares
  • Assessing student improvement through continuous assessments

Advantages of CCNA

  • Improved customer query handling
  • Course increase in-depth knowledge and speed in resolving issues
  • Cisco training at respocert puts you through real life scenarios and trains how to handle them
  • CCNA online course trains you in streamlining efficiency by utilizing the most form networks.
  • CCNA qualification opens room for other certifications such as CCENT

CCNA comes with no prerequisites, which makes it open for anyone to take. It increases employee productivity and increases their value to the firm. Technical knowledge on how to operate and configure mid range routed and switched networks increases employee potential for promotion. This online course will help you achieve better prospects.

Basic Overview

CCNA Routing and Switching online courses at RespoCert are designed to introduce to advanced network concepts. Students are taught from internet service protocols to network application and network softwares.

Course Details

Introduction to network operations

  • Introduction to network devices
  • Analyzing network situations and suitably selecting appropriate hardware and methodology to maintain and repair network
  • Introduction to basic network apps including web apps
  • Data flow in a network with OSI and TCP/IP as examples
  • Importance of applications on networks
  • Understanding network hierarchy
  • Understanding cross network communication
  • Understanding components used for cross network communication
  • Distinguishing LAN and WAN networks

Manage & Troubleshoot faults with Interswitch and VLAN communications

  • Understanding access control for Ethernet
  • Traffic administration and segmentation
  • Controlling basic Cisco switches and their installation
  • Proper utilization of resources to authenticate switch configuration tasks
  • Understanding VLAN separation and routing
  • Implementing, repairing faults and maintaining VLANs, Cisco switches, interVLAN rounting, VTP and RSTP operations

IP Implementation, DNS/DHCP

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using public and private ISP
  • Uses and advantages of DNS and DHCP
  • Using Static and Dynamic host addresses in LAN
  • Troubleshooting basic problems related to host settings and ISP configurations

Router Configuration

  • Router security understanding
  • Using debugging commands to resolve router queries
  • Implementing and repairing faults in OSPF and EIGRP
  • Introduction to packet forwarding, router lookup and other processes
  • Understanding Cisco router processing
  • Manage Cisco IOS router files and other data

Introduction to WLA and how to manage its application tasks

  • Wireless media protocols
  • Small scale network components
  • WPA security protocols
  • Wireless network troubleshooting and debugging

Network Security

  • Modern wireless networking and threats to it
  • Implementing wireless security protocols to safeguard network
  • Professional security protocols and practices to mitigate attacks on networks

ACLs and NATs

  • Introduction to ACLs
  • Implementing ACLs on networks
  • Debugging ACL issues
  • Introduction to NAT
  • Troubleshooting NAT bugs

WAN Configuration

  • WAN access protocols
  • Creating a WAN serial connection
  • Full understanding of VPN technology
  • Implementing WAN on Cisco routers
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