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Essential PHP/HTML Online Course

From a simple website to creating a complex and sophisticated web application, HTML is the programming language that changes the way you create content. Once you attain this skill you can create content just the way you prefer. It is a pre-requisite to code in PHP.

This course will make your prospects from HTML rise and shine, as you pilot your ship for writing and editing your code with the syntax of HTML. With the help of senior HTML experts, we will show you its overlooked features and the basic structure such as sectioning pages and HTML formatting.

Better and superior quality experience is provide, by creating links and lists and learning the compatibility of CSS and JavaScript with HTML. So get the best of essential HTML, you need to read all the details this website has to offer.

What is Inside HTML Training?

  • Why you need HTML?
  • HTML document
  • Content Formatting
  • Working with images
  • Making use of div elements, article and nav
  • How to link pages and the queries about downloadable content
  • Devising lists
  • Introduction of style controlling  such as colors, CSS
  • Writing basic scripts, JavaScripts
  • Starting off with basic scripts

What is inside PHP Training?

Among the many reasons why you must incorporate PHP in your tool shed of website designing, is you can minimise the manual updates to web pages, get linked to product databases and acquire information as well as get user input. It is true however, that a large majority of designers reject the idea and are often pressed hard by its language.

On the contrary, we provide just the pinch you need to agree for using PHP designing by giving a gentle introduction, followed by step by step practical exercises that nourish your mind towards the functional dynamics of PHP.

Get prepared to cut off maintenance costs on your website by using the knowledge such as moving common page elements to external server side, setting automatic date and time change schedule for content revision, store information from forms filled by users, connect to product details and information database while displaying alternate text. Last, but not the least, the ending chapter focuses on the shortcomings such as errors and their diagnosis, and how to remove them once the prime cause has been identified.

This training covers

  • Why you need PHP?
  • Understanding of variables. The text and numbers are stored and displayed as variables
  • Making the best out of functions
  • Using comments feature to comment on your own PHP scripts
  • To include files you can move common page elements to it.
  • Showing new and various other types  of content on page
  • Using multiple values in arranged orders
  • Using the POST method for sending user input from the form
  • Data can be retained by adding PHP sessions to your plan
  • Data can be preserved in session variables
  • Connecting to and querying a database
  • After feeding the database you can interact with it and use for your purposes
  • Diagnosing and looking after errors that are produced

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