PrestaShop SEO URLs – Does it Effect SEO and How? Discount Coupon

PrestaShop includes  ID/numbers in URLs by default and SEO Friendly URL modules for PrestaShop which are available on addons store, help clean links by removing ID/numbers.

How Google does see ID/Numbers in URLs:

Google recommends user friendly links and hence, anything which is contrary to this will not fulfill Google recommendations. The concept of clean permalinks is based on user experience.

URL Guidelines by Google

URL appears in search results and gives an impression of what the page is about. Any thing that helps users understand the site well, it is highly recommended by Google.

In SEO, URL structure comes into On-Site SEO, which is most important. On-site SEO deals with optimizing website with respect to Google’s requirements, and clean URL is the primary requirement.

Is there a way to remove ID/Numbers from URLs in PrestaShop?

By default, there is no way of cleaning URLs, for this purpose, you have to buy third party PrestaShop SEO Friendly URL modules.

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Is it only for SEO or for other purposes as well?

Numbers in URLs may cause ambiguities, e.g , if you are writing content on something like 10 best tips of PrestaShop programming, and your URL is something like this,

Title: 10 Best Tips of PrestaShop Programming

In the above example, PrestaShop automatically inserts ID/numbr in the URL which is the number ‘6’, it creates confusion into readers mind as you can see for your self. If there are ambiguities in content, Google will likely to burry this link down in the rankings, because it will assume that the link is creating confusion.

How does third party SEO addons work?

Most of the third party plugins are simple and removes ID/numbers easily. This is not a big functionality and you should not worry about technical issues much, if the SEO URL module is coded the right way.

In our module (available on PrestaShop addons as well) we have used action hook for dispatcher to dynamically remove ID and numbers, with minimal use of dispatcher override.

Different developers may use different techniques. Better check demo and see if the product works as you require.

SEO URL modules available on marketplace goes through technical and marketing validation checks, which provides a great satisfaction level.

In any case, you get free support and money back guarantee when you purchase PrestaShop SEO Friendly URL module.

Benefits of Pretty URLs:

  • Easy to read and share, user and SEO friendly links
  • Removes Ambiguities in content
  • Improves CTR
  • Improves on-site SEO and hence rankings

Video DEMO of PrestaShop SEO URL Module

Have a great time 🙂

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